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Monday, March 16, 2009

HCZ ESSAY By Ryan T. Ngala

Name: Ryan Ngala
HCZ Site: The Employment & Technology Center
Address: 304 West 117th Street New York, NY 10026
School: A. Phillip Randolph Campus High School
School Phone: (212)-926-0113
School Grade: 11
I think I was chosen to be nominated because I am a hard working person. I get so involved in doing things like community service, selling books at my book sale at my house, fundraising for my sister, Wendy Ngala’s candy sale and selling tickets when my sisters Florence and Wendy are doing the Gwendolyn Simmons’ Soul on Ice winter skating party for their program at Figure Skating in Harlem. I also sell candy for my brother, Abel Ngala for his school, Future Leaders Institute. I participate in many activities such as going to Junior Seminar, Film Production, Graphic Design, and Music Production. I go to so many trips with my group like The Poetry Slam at Madison Square Garden, American Museum of the Moving Image, and more.
The person who has influenced me today is my mother, Tina Ngala who had showed me
To realize the importance in life that you have to work hard and to believe in yourself as you move forward to choose the life you want to live. In the real world you have to make decisions
and choose who you want to be. The death of my father, Thomas Ngala show great courage of me and how I can stand up to people when I am speaking to the crowd and not to follow your friends around. I learned how to think independently. The movie that influenced me the most is Akeelah and the Bee the movie was about how one girl who can spell a lot of words and learns from her mother as she’s a smart girl as I am.